2013 Friends

Thank you to the following Friends of Tennessee whose membership donations in 2012 and 2013 help to fund the 2013 Festival:
LAUREATES ($2,500 and above):

Adelaide Benjamin in support of general operating of the Festival

David and LeAnn Branton in support of “Imitating Life: The Family in Fiction”

Ted and Mary Merle Laborde in support of panel, “Influences, Mentors & Proteges: Three Contemporary American Playwrights”

Paige Royer in support of Literary Late Night event, “Literary Jook Joint”

Ricky & Lori Thomas in support of panel, “Keeping it Real for Young Audiences”


Allain and Judy Andry
Skipper Bond, Bond PR and Brand Strategy
Patricia Brady
Robert and Carol Cudd, in honor of Captain Clarke Hawley
Margaret Dziedzic
Janet Daley Duval
Karen Eschenbach
Caroline Fayard
Jordan Friedman
Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Foundation
Danella Hero
Susan K. Hoskins
Helen and George Ingram
Mimi Koch
Mary Myrick Langlois
Pamela and Jimmy Lott
Dr. Brobson Lutz
Kathy and Edmund Schrenk
Eve Alexandra Stafford
Charlotte H. Thomas and Howard H. Russell, M.D.
Chris and Pat Vaccari


Gail Catherine Bertuzzi
Bev and Butch Marshall

EDITORS ($500):

Mary Anderson
Frederick Barton
Carolyn Bain
Sharon Donovan
Zachary Lazar
Laura Lippman
Gary Matus and Dan Sheehan
Andree Moss
Stuart Noel and Joseph Bishop
Hal Reed
Royal Insider LTD
Kara Hadican Samuels
Michael Sartisky
Robert Weilbaecher
Sharon Weilbaecher
Chris Wiltz


Ellen and Mac Ball
Elizabeth and Johnny Barron
Dr. Philip L. Brewer
Richard and Janis Britson
Sanford Brotman
Compu-Cure New Orleans
The English Department of Southeastern Louisiana University
Catherine Frank
Susan Gundlach
Lesli Harris
Kathy Higgins and Terry Verigan
David Hoover
Ellen Johnson and Ronald Swartz
Peggy Laborde
Priscilla and John Lawrence
Michael LeJeune
Patricia and Lee Mason
Larry and Arlene Manguno
Mark Manguno
William H. Seewald
Jayetta Slawson
Peggy Wilson


Tiki and Arthur Axelrod
Dr. James and Kathleen Barbee
Brent Barriere
Janara Bornstein
Brian Boyles
Ann Bruce
Victor Chisesi
Daniel Clayton
Elizabeth Clemens
William and Maureen Detweiler
Katy Doll
Martha Edmonds
Mary Ramsey Evans
Jane Ferguson
Tracy Ferrington
Patricia Friedmann
Carol Gelderman
Janice Grijns
Louise Hoffman
Diana Jones
John and Betty Kemp
Amy Kirk
Jackie and Bill Koenig
Aaron Krause
Patricia Krebs
Michael Ledet
Brigitta Malm
Ann Marquez
Adelaide W. Martin
Betty N. McDermott
Laura McNeal
Laura Lane Miller and Danny Marks
Brian and Constance Nelson
Sandra Nickel
Dr. Alfred Olinde
Karen Perschall
Maureen Pimley
Diane and Andy Plauche
Ann Plicque
Abi Pollokoff
Shirley Quement
Ruffin Family
Helene Rufty
Calvin D. Sanders
Lenoir Seelhorst
Barry Silverman
Tommiann Smith
Charles R. Smith
Jerry and Ruby Tremont
Christine M. Vincent
John E. Wade II
Bonnie Warren
John Wilmot
Harold Young


Joshua Clark
Orlin Corey
Lin Emery
Gerald Faris
Randall Feldman
Lynda Gladney
Charles and Mary Harvell
Aimee Hayes
Helene Inayetian
Margaret Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Doris Louth
Russell Luke
Ronald Marlow
Stephen Matthews
Nell Nolan
Marilu O’Byrne
Linda Smith
Ron Strother
Mark Zelinsky


S.L. Alexander
Deborah Burst
Miriam Childs
Bill Conly
Mittie Edmond
Francis Hebert
Suzette Lake
Martha Landrum
Liz and Michael Landry
David and Elizabeth Langlois
Connie Lewis
Ann Plicque
Jack Schade
Terri Stoor
Sophie Trist
Sara Woodard