3rd Annual Poetry Contest Top 10 Finalists and Winner

Posted on January 15, 2013 in Enews, News
3rd Annual Poetry Contest Top 10 Finalists and Winner

We’re excited to announce the finalists and the grand prize winner of our 3nd Annual Poetry Contest.

The top ten finalists (in alphabetical order) are:

  • D. Brian Anderson, Texas: “Uncertain Principles”
  • Jesse Mavro Diamond, Massachusetts: “Swimming the Hellespont”
  • Jami Donley, Louisiana: “Family History”
  • Kima Jones, California: “The Anatomy of Forgiveness”
  • Fleming Meeks, New Jersey: “Self-Portrait at Fifty-Six”
  • Ann Plicque, Louisiana: “Tertiary Losses”
  • Leona Sevick, Maryland: “The Corpse of Memory”
  • John Warner Smith, Louisiana: “Hunting Dragonflies”
  • Christine Valentor, Illinois: “The Metaphysical in Eleven Different Dimensions”
  • Amie Whittemore, Wisconsin: “Blackberry Season”

And the winning entry is: Amie Whittemore for “Blackberry Season”

Judge Ava Leavell Haymon says of the winner:
“I choose ‘Blackberry Season’ for its balance of control and absolute wildness. The deliberate line and stanza breaks give the reader a sense of shape and control before we read the first word, and beyond that provide us extra layers of meaning. Because of this, we trust this poet and let go into a world of images altogether new. Example, in the first poem, ‘Velleity,’: in the voice of a mother speaking of a very young daughter, the poem tells us, “I called her viridian, may apple, life raft,/and her babbling matured into a willow’s green straps.”  By the end of the poem, the growing daughter is covered with tattoos, “maps of the world drawn//on her arms.” As in this example, all three poems, are odd, stimulating, deeply charged, unsentimental, and constructed with a craft that enables us to absorb them.  A pleasure to read!”

Amie’s poems will appear in Louisiana Cultural Vistas. Visit www.leh.org for more info on the magazine. She will also receive $1,000, a VIP All Access Pass for the 27th annual Festival, and a public reading at the 2013 Festival.

Congratulations to Amie and to all of our finalists!

We’d like thank all the poets who submitted work for consideration. We hope you will continue writing and look forward to reading your future work!